Directory Change Request

To request changes to the directory, please email the contact person listed below for your department, if you do not see your department listing, email the DII Service Desk.

Agency/Department Contact Name/Email
Administration, Agency of - (AoA)Chris McConnell
Harriet Johnson
Agency of Natural Resources - (ANR)Barb Morway
Agriculture - (AGR)Faith Raymond
James Shover
Scott Marshia
Attorney General - (AG)Diane Ford
Mary-Kay Swanson
Auditor of Accounts - (AUD)Kathy O'Rourke
Buildings and General Services - (BGS)Judy Bruneau
Robin Russell
Commerce Community Development - (ACCD)Kathy Thayer
Mike Osborne
Courts Judiciary - (CRT)Jan Murray
Victoria Cutone
Criminal Justice Training Council - (CJTC)Lynn James
Defender General - (DG)Lora Evans
Mary Deaett
Department of Human Resources - (DHR)Karen Pallas
Department of Information and Innovation - (DII)Alice Cloud
Angela Leclerc
Basil Vansuch
Candi Halme
Harry Bell
Heather Matott
Help Desk
Karen Canas
Leslie Baker
Leslie Hight
Rhonda Boudreault
Dept. Children Families AHS - (DCFAHS)Chris Comi
Dept. of Corrections - (DOC)Janette Hoague
Kristie Salyer
Ross Farnsworth
Disabilities, Aging Independent Living, Dept of - (DAIL)Cecile Sherburn
Colleen Forkas
Gordon Bullard
Janet Merrill
Jennifer Gibb
Jerri Lamson
Lisa Parro
Tammi Provencher
Education, Agency of - (EDUC)Perry Thompson
Shelley Matz
Enhanced 911 Board - (E911)Denisonde Johnson
Jared Lamere
Executive - (EXE)Janis Carrier
Finance Management, Dept. - (FIN)Linda Morse
Financial Regulation, Department formerly BISHCA - (DFR)Dale Schaft
Kelly Fay
Green Mountain Care Board - (GMCB)Janet L. Richard
Human Rights Commission - (HRC)Joseph Bahr
Human Services, Agency of - (AHS)Dave Stonecliffe
Judy Spittle
Laurie Hurlburt
Phil Kerin
Joint Fiscal Committee - (JFO)Rebecca Buck
Theresa Utton-Jerman
Labor - (DOL)Roger Lowe
Tom Tomasi
Legislative Council - (LEG)Debbie Curtis
Shirley Adams
Library Dept - (LIB)Martha Reid
Renee Ancel
Liquor Control - (LIQ)Kathy O'Hara
Lottery Commission - (VLC)Carole Lacasse
Mental Health, Dept of - (MH)Helene Linney
Jennifer Rowell
Maureen Cofrin
Military Department - (MIL)Joy Ross
Motor Vehicles, Department of - (DMV)Jennifer Underwood
Natural Resources Board - (NRB)Kimberley Lashua
Office Vermont Health Access - (OVHA)Sarah Gregorek
Public Safety Dept of - (PS)Betsy Ross - GHSP
Bruce Parizo - VCIC
Mark Bosma - VEM
Stephanie Dasaro - VSP
Suellen Royea - VFL
Public Service Board - (PSB)Judy L. Bruneau
Public Service Dept of - (PSD)Pam Hull
Sheri Rockcastle
Secretary of State - (SEC)Linda Hall
States Attorneys - (SA)Michael Knaapen
Robert Carinci
Sean Thomson
Taxes Dept of - (TAX)Aaron Kaigle
Transportation, Agency of - (AOT)Mary Hannigan
Treasurers Office - (TRE)Tim Lueders-Dumont
Vermont Department of Health - (VDH)Kristine Benevento
Randal Shepard
Tenzin Pelha
Vermont Veterans' Home - (VVH)John Bibens