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January 29, 2010

USDA Secretary Vilsack to Visit Vermont

Statement of Agriculture Secretary Roger Allbee regarding USDA Agriculture Secretary Visit to Vermont

“I am very pleased that the Vermont Congressional Delegation has collaborated to arrange for USDA Agriculture Secretary Vilsack to visit Vermont.

“This is an important time, some might say critical time, for agriculture in our state and region. As part of his vision for agriculture in the U.S., Secretary Vilsack is exploring regional food systems and how dairy and other producers, as well as consumers, could benefit from regional food systems. Vermont and New England are uniquely positioned to lead these efforts.

“With the dairy industry in the Northeast, and nationally, trying to recover from one of the worst years in memory, it is more important than ever to investigate every possible option and opportunity to support a viable agriculture sector and economy.

“I feel that a regional food system could not only help support those who grow and harvest our food, but also be an additional step to ensuring we have a safe and healthy food supply in our region.”

Source: Agency of Agriculture
Last Updated at: January 29, 2010 16:04:05