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March 08, 2011

Cleanup Continues After Storm

Snow is slowing down or has come to an end in many parts of Vermont. As cleanup progresses Vermonters are reminded to remain safe and avoid common hazards.

Fire departments from throughout Vermont have responded to numerous carbon monoxide alarms today, most due to blocked heating vents. Clear all vents and chimneys so CO cannot come back into your home.

Many power customers are expected to be without power until at least Tuesday. If you are without power and without heat, use only safe alternative heat sources that are approved for that use. If you run a generator, be sure it is outside in a well-ventilated area.

Law enforcement and transportation officials continue to urge motorists to stay off Vermont roads if possible. Roads are still hazardous, and extra vehicles on roads make snow clearing more difficult.

Vermont State Police also ask those on the roads, particularly tractor trailer drivers to drive with due caution.

A number of local and state roads remain closed due to flooding or snow. Motorists should always respect detours and stay off closed roads.

When removing snow, take frequent breaks to avoid physical problems like back injury or even heart attack in extreme cases. Help elderly neighbors or those with special needs with snow removal, or just check on their welfare if you can.

Monitor snow on roofs and remove excess loads on homes or barns if it can be done so safely. Contact a professional contractor if you need assistance.

For road conditions visit or dial 511.

For resource information like heating assistance or shelter information (no public shelters established at this point) call 211.

Communities in need of assistance can call Vermont Emergency Management at 800-347-0488.

Source: Vermont Emergency Management
Last Updated at: March 08, 2011 08:00:41