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April 19, 2011

State Board Meeting Agenda - First RED Formation to be Considered

Chittenden East Supervisory Union Unified Union (R.E.D.) Planning Committee Report:

Pursuant to 16 V.S.A. §706c, the Chittenden East SU unified union planning committee has submitted its report on the formation of a unified union district (specifically, a R.E.D.) for consideration by the State Board of Education at its meeting on April 19. The Chittenden East Supervisory Union covers the town school districts of Bolton, Buel’s Gore, Huntington, Jericho, Richmond and Underhill. It also covers Underhill Incorporated School District and Mt. Mansfield UHSD#17 (the latter of which covers all of the involved town school districts). The formation of this unified union district (R.E.D.) would result in the elimination of all the above school districts and the creation of a single entity with one common board and administration. Approval of the report will allow the planning committee to bring the item before the voters.

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Montpelier Room, Capitol Plaza Hotel and Conference Center, 100 State Street, Montpelier

April 19, 2011

The State Board of Education shall sustain a vision of high skills, creative thinking, and love of knowledge and learning for every student by setting education policy that ensures student achievement in a safe and healthy learning environment.


The current month’s meeting agenda and packet materials may be accessed electronically at:


9:00 a.m.

A Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance

Fayneese Miller, Chair

B Roll Call and Introductions

Chair, Board members, others

C Announcements, Board Member Updates DISCUSS

Chair, Board Members

9:20 a.m.

D Public to be Heard

9:30 a.m.

E Commissioner’s Update DISCUSS

9:40 a.m.

F Legislative Update/Legislative Priorities DISCUSS

Armando Vilaseca, Bill Talbott, Mark Oettinger,

Rae Ann Knopf, Jill Remick

Action Items

10:30 a.m.

G** Consent Agenda VOTE

H Chittenden East RED request VOTE

Mark Oettinger, Vaughn Altemus

Robert Letovsky, Chair, CESU Executive Committee

I Battenkill Valley SU Timeline Request DISCUSS/VOTE

Armando Vilaseca, Mark Oettinger

Tom Gallagher, Battenkill Valley SU

J Washington South SU Timeline Request DSICUSS /VOTE

Armando Vilaseca, Mark Oettinger

Michelle Fagan, WSSU Superintendent; Laurie Gossens, Dir., Spec. Svs

12:00 p.m. Lunch

Discussion Items

12:50 p.m.

K Vermont Teacher Effectiveness Task Force DISCUSS

Rae Ann Knopf, Marta Cambra, Martha Allen

L Updates: DISCUSS

AYP Determinations

Rae Ann Knopf

Common Core State Standards

Rae Ann Knopf

M*** Commissioner’s Evaluation DISCUSS


N Future Agendas DISCUSS

Board members; Carol King

2:30 p.m. Adjourn

* Indications of time on the agenda are best estimates, and therefore may not reflect actual time an item is addressed. We will do our best to address items within the time indicated and extra effort will be made to adhere to the time indicated for public hearing and voting items.

** With discussion.

*** If the discussion warrants and the Board so votes, this item may be held in Executive Session.

Source: Department of Education
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