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February 27, 2008

Pet Owners Urged to Keep Dogs Under Control to Help Deer

WATERBURY, VT – Vermont pet owners are being urged by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department to keep their dogs under control to help deer due to deep snow conditions.

“Snow conditions in much of the state are some of the worst for deer we have seen in many years,” said Col. Robert Rooks, Vermont’s chief game warden. “The snow is deep and settled. Deer are having a difficult time moving about, especially if they start to run, which causes them to sink deeper. Dogs, however, can run without sinking in as much.”

State Game Wardens are responding to an increase in incidents involving dogs chasing deer which either results in the dogs killing the deer, or the deer being stressed and losing energy that they badly need at this time of year.

State law allows Vermont law enforcement officers to shoot dogs that are chasing deer, and the dog owner is subject to a $200 fine and loss of hunting and fishing licenses.

Source: Agency of Natural Resources
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