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July 12, 2011

DEC Ecosystem Restoration Grant Supports Better Back Roads Program

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation has awarded the Northern Vermont Resource Conservation and Development Council (NVT RC&D) a $30,000 Ecosystem Restoration Grant to support the Better Back Roads Program

A recent University of Vermont (UVM) study found that as much as 50 of the phosphorus pollution delivered to Lake Champlain annually is attributable to runoff from developed lands. Although “developed lands” often conjures images of urban and other areas of high-density development, “developed lands” actually include residential development in suburban and rural areas and the vast network of roads and backroads that connect Vermont towns. Proper correction of roadside erosion problems has the dual benefits of reducing long-term road maintenance costs while protecting water quality. NVT RC&D will utilize the grant award to fund Better Back Road projects at Miles Pond in Concord, Lake Willoughby in Barton, Lake Iroquois in Hinesburg and Lake Fairlee in Thetford. Projects will include roadside ditch stabilization, culvert and sediment trap installation and riparian buffer restoration.

Ecosystem Restoration Grants are made available to Vermont municipalities, local or regional governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens groups as part of the Ecosystem Restoration Program’s on-going efforts to reduce surface water pollution from phosphorus and sediment. Funded projects typically involve efforts to improve stream stability, protect against flood hazards, improve in-stream and riparian habitat, lessen the effects of stormwater runoff, protect and restore riparian wetlands, re-establish lake shoreline native vegetation, and enhance the environmental and economic sustainability of agricultural lands.

Source: Dept of Economic, Housing and Community Development
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