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August 19, 2011

DEC Ecosystem Restoration Grant Supports City of Burlington Blanchard Beach Water Quality Improvement Project

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation has awarded the City of Burlington a $45,000 Ecosystem Restoration Grant to support a water quality improvement project that will capture sediment, phosphorus and other pollutants from 3+ acres of untreated impervious surface draining to the south end of the City of Burlington’s public Blanchard Beach. A significant portion of the drainage area currently does not receive any stormwater treatment. Judging by the typical volumes of runoff and the visible turbidity during storm events, it is an obvious contributor of sediment, phosphorus and bacteria loading to this popular Lake Champlain public beach. The project will involve an assessment of major sources of stormwater runoff and associated pollutants throughout the contributing drainage, the construction of a stormwater treatment area, and the restoration of a degraded Class II wetland located immediately downstream.

Ecosystem Restoration Grants are made available to Vermont municipalities, local or regional governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens groups as part of the Ecosystem Restoration Program’s on-going efforts to reduce surface water pollution from phosphorus and sediment. Funded projects typically involve efforts to improve stream stability, protect against flood hazards, improve in-stream and riparian habitat, lessen the effects of stormwater runoff, protect and restore riparian wetlands, re-establish lake shoreline native vegetation, and enhance the environmental and economic sustainability of agricultural lands.

Source: Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation
Last Updated at: August 19, 2011 15:35:49