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January 20, 2012

Fayneese Miller; Sean-Marie Oller Chosen to Serve on National Task Force On the Role of Technology in Schools and Communities

The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) is pleased to announce that Fayneese Miller and Sean-Marie Oller, members of the Vermont State Board of Education, have been selected to serve on a year-long NASBE study group—The Role of Technology in Schools and Communities—to examine the compound issues surrounding the ever-expanding use of digital technology in K-12 education.

NASBE conducts annual study groups to provide professional development to members of State Boards of Education, set organizational direction and priorities, and inform the state education policymaking process on key issues. As a member of the 2012 national task force, Oller and Miller will meet with other state board members, researchers, and policy analysts to examine the complex issues related to crafting and implementing effective policies that fully address the impact of technology on teaching and learning under the common core state standards and identify the relationship between technology and the social and emotional health of students.

Task force members will examine and make policy recommendations on:

• How to best use technology to personalize teaching and learning for all students;

• Preparing students for computer-based assessments;

• Increasing teachers’ skill at using technology in the classroom;

• Developing students’ media literacy and sense of responsible digital citizenship; and

• Developing criteria to help administrators and policymakers effectively assess technology in line with the needs of their respective states.

The study group will issue a comprehensive report in October 2012 at the NASBE Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. The group’s policy recommendations will be disseminated to relevant stakeholders including members of Congress, federal officials, governors, chief state school officers, and local education policymakers.

Source: Department of Education
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