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May 07, 2012

Secretary of State Jim Condos Applauds Legislature’s Collaborative Reapportionment Approach

Secretary of State Jim Condos thanks Vermont legislators for their hard work and dedication with regard to the redistricting plans. The leadership provided by Rep. Donna Sweaney, Senator Jeanette White (chairs of the legislative committees), Speaker Shap Smith, and Senate President Pro Tem John Campbell was instrumental in moving this forward in a tri-partisan manner.

“I especially want to thank them for their due diligence to ensure that the redistricting process was fair, deliberative, inclusive and transparent,” stated Condos.

The legislature reviewed dozens of maps with many configurations. Their goal was to be fair and still comply with the one person – one vote mandate.

“The new house and senate district maps produced by the legislature are the result of careful consideration and balancing of the various factors that the legislature is required by law to consider,” furthered Condos. Those factors include: geographical compactness, contiguity, county and town boundaries, and social and business interaction.

We also thank the Legislative Apportionment Board (LAB) for their efforts to provide the legislature with a good plan to begin their deliberations. The LAB met frequently during 2011.

“In this day and age of partisan politics and bitter divisiveness occurring in almost every corner of this country, Vermont lawmakers, again and again, step up to the plate to provide a model of how to engage in collaborative processes that produce results that are in the best interest of Vermont’s citizens.”

The Secretary of State’s election staff now begins the careful work of adjusting the many databases, informing Vermont’s hard-working town, county and district clerks of the new districts.

In light of the timing of the passage of the reapportionment bill, the date to begin accepting political party primary petitions or independent petitions has been changed from May 14th to May 29th. The deadline for receipt of all nominating petitions remains June 14th.

“The process of redistricting is a difficult undertaking, and I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to all those involved for putting their own particular interests and agendas aside in search of what is fair for all Vermonters, realizing this will define the state’s voting districts for the next ten years.”

Source: Secretary of State
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