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June 25, 2012

Secretary of State Jim Condos Applauds Judge Sessions Decision on Vermont’s Campaign Finance

In an 80 page ruling, U. S. Judge William Sessions found in favor of the state of Vermont, dismissing a case brought by the Vermont Right to Life Committee, Inc. (VRLC) and rejecting all aspects of the constitutional challenge brought by VRLC.

The case was filed in the in the U.S. District Court in Vermont by the VLRC challenging the constitutionality of Vermont’s campaign finance registration, reporting and disclosure provisions for political committees (“PACs”). Judge Sessions rejected every one of VRLC’s arguments which asserted Vermont’s PAC reporting and disclosure laws were unconstitutional.

“As the Chief Elections Officer for the state of Vermont, and since our office oversees campaign finance laws and compliance, I not only agree with Judge Session’s decision, I applaud it,” stated Secretary of State Jim Condos.

“This decision is a breath of fresh air in this time of increased out of state spending in Vermont campaigns, and in particular, the use of “independent expenditures” as a way to circumvent the law. It is my sincere hope that this ruling will put an end to groups attempting to do so, and that it will help Vermont politics and political groups stay above the fray so we can be assured of clean and honest campaigns as this year’s election season heats up,” furthered Condos.

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Source: Secretary of State
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