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July 03, 2012

Know of a problem tire pile in your town? The state of Vermont wants to know about it!

Legislation signed into law this year requires the Agency of Natural Resources to inventory problem tire piles around Vermont, and estimate the cost and time involved to clean up the inventoried sites. “Problem tire piles” are those of greater than 100 tires.

To help determine where tire piles may be, and how large the piles are, ANR is asking Vermonters to fill out a short on-line survey on suspected improper tire piles.

“We are aware of a number of tire piles, especially those at salvage yards, but there could be many more scattered throughout the state”, said Cathy Jamieson, Solid Waste Program Manager. “We are asking for local input in determining where those piles are.”

Jamieson said that it’s doubtful that the ANR will discover any piles that contain multi-million tires, such as those that have plagued other States. More likely the piles will be several hundred here, and several thousand there.

“Most scrap tires in Vermont are responsibly collected through retail tire dealers or solid waste facilities,” Jamieson said, “but some persons may not want to pay the $2 or $3 recycling fee and are stockpiling or disposing of the tires improperly. We need to get a sense of how much of a problem this is.”

The law allows the ANR to fund tire pile clean ups, but only after providing the owner an opportunity to perform the clean up, and the ANR can seek repayment for any clean up costs.

The tire pile inventory, with the estimated number of tires, and a clean cost projection will be reported back to the Vermont Legislature when it reconvenes in January.

The online survey can be found here:

If you prefer to fill out a paper or phone survey, call (802) 479-8744.

Source: Agency of Natural Resources
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