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August 09, 2012

Aug. 21 is Vermont’s 2012 Moose Auction Deadline

Here’s your last chance to get a moose hunting permit for 2012. You have until August 21 to submit a bid in Vermont’s moose permit auction.

Five winning bidders will get a chance to choose between hunting in Vermont’s October 1-7 archery moose season, or the October 20-25 regular moose season. And, they can choose the Wildlife Management Unit they want to hunt.

But, because bids must be submitted in writing in special sealed envelopes, you need to contact the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department now to receive a moose permit bid kit. Telephone 802-241-3695 or email (

Sealed bids must be received at the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife no later than 4:30 PM (Eastern Time) on August 21, 2012. Mailed to 103 South Main Street, 10 South, Waterbury, VT 05671-0501 or dropped off at 542 US Route 302, Barre, VT 05641. Facsimiles are not accepted. Official bid forms must be submitted by U.S. Mail, courier, or in person.

Winning bids are typically at least $4,000, and proceeds help fund Vermont Fish & Wildlife education programs.

The 2011 Vermont Moose Harvest Report with details on last year’s hunt, including the towns where moose were taken, is on Fish and Wildlife’s website. Look under “Hunting and Trapping” and then “Big Game.”

During the archery or regular season, you will be able to name a partner to hunt with you, and a third unarmed person may accompany you on your hunt as a guide. There are many experienced Vermont moose hunting guides who could assist you if needed.

Bids do not include the cost of a hunting license (residents $22, nonresidents $100) or moose hunting permit fee ($100 for residents and $350 for nonresidents). The bid amount and moose hunting permit fee must be paid by September 6.

Source: Department of Fish and Wildlife
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