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September 26, 2012

Money Available for Communities to Mitigate Future Disaster Damage

The state of Vermont is accepting applications from cities, towns, and certain non-profits for funding under the federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The program awards money to municipalities to fix public infrastructure, buyout homes and businesses, and other projects that will help mitigate the human and monetary cost of future disasters. Towns and agencies in all Vermont counties are eligible to apply for the program

HMGP covers up to 75 of project costs; with a 25 local match requirement that is the responsibility of the applicant. For home and commercial property buy-outs, there is a possibility of obtaining matching funds through the state for the local match. In addition, properties that were demolished for health and safety reasons prior to filing an application may now be eligible for buyout.

HMGP funds become available after a federal disaster declaration. The program is funded through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and is administered by Vermont Emergency Management.

Cities and towns are encouraged to identify potential hazard mitigation sites in communities and apply for funds under the HMGP grant program. Typical hazard mitigation projects would include: repair and mitigation of local roads and bridges, home acquisitions (buy-out), structural elevations or relocations, replacement of undersized culverts, and many more similar projects.

Communities must submit a letter of intent to VEM by October 12, 2012. Completed applications are due by November 2, 2012

An HMGP application can be downloaded from VEM's website at Or contact the State Hazard Mitigation Officer at 800-347-0488 or for an application or advice on how to proceed.

HMGP funds are reviewed and selected by the state mitigation project selection committee, then subject to approval by FEMA.

This is the third round of HMGP funding for Vermont resulting in disasters dating back to the spring of 2011. The state of Vermont approved 67 applications in the last rounds of the HMGP in February and March, some of which represented multiple projects. To date, FEMA has approved 22 of those applications (representing 4 infrastructure projects, 4 planning grants, and 33 home buyouts). The state is awaiting FEMA approval on the remaining 45 applications (which include, among other projects, 85 home buyouts). None of the applications have been rejected by FEMA.

Media inquiries can be directed to Vermont Emergency Management Public Information Officer Mark Bosma at 800-347-0488.

Source: Vermont Emergency Management
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