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December 10, 2012

Secretary of State Jim Condos Attends National Conference on the 2012 Post-Election

Secretary of State Jim Condos is in Washington DC attending the “Pew Center on the States” conference being held from December 10-11. The conference - “Voting in America 2012: Looking Back, Looking Forward” offers a detailed look at the 2012 election year, with break out sessions addressing “eLections: Technology, Social Media and Election Administration,” “Military and Overseas Voting,” “Ensuring Integrity and Access: Voter ID in 2012 and Beyond,” “The Use of Data in Elections,” and “Does Voter Registration Need an Upgrade.”

“This is a very exciting and challenging time in the elections arena, and we plan to be part of creating solutions with our colleagues. Currently, in Vermont, we are already working to update our own systems, taking a critical look at all of our processes, measuring what we do against other best practices across the country, and we anticipate sharing our expertise and successes while staying open to learning from others about how we can improve our processes,” furthered Condos.

The conference is being held at the Newseum in Washington DC and includes experts from all across the country, including Secretaries of States, Election Directors, Academics from Yale, MIT, the University of Texas and other academic centers, as well as PEW staff and representatives from organizations such as Rock the Vote and The Voter Participation Center.

“I look forward to brainstorming, listening to what others are doing to address current issues in elections, and offering our own experiences, both our challenges and our successes,” concluded Condos.

Secretary Condos states it is imperative that Vermonters, and citizens across the country, have confidence that our elections are fair, inclusive, and accurate.

Source: Secretary of State
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