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June 24, 2008

The Division of Fire Safety Reminds Vermonters about the Dangers of Fireworks

The American traditions of parades, cookouts, and fireworks help us celebrate the summer season, especially our nation's birthday on the Fourth of July. However, good fun doesn’t have to be dangerous. Fireworks can turn a joyful celebration into a painful memory when children and adults are injured while using fireworks. Fireworks are unpredictable and are capable of causing devastating injuries. To prevent these needless tragedies, the state of Vermont has prohibited the use of the most dangerous fireworks for more than 50 years.

All fireworks, not including sparklers and novelty sparkling items, are illegal in Vermont except for permitted, supervised, public displays. To stay safe, leave fireworks to the professionals who present public fireworks displays using trained professionals that operate under controlled settings and strict regulations. If you plan to use fireworks for a public fireworks display you must obtain a permit BEFORE you purchase the fireworks. There are both civil and criminal penalties for violations of the fireworks laws.

All towns in Vermont require a permit for any fireworks display. A permit may be obtained from the chief of your local fire department after it is determined by the local fire and police chief that the fireworks display will be handled by a competent operator in a manner that will not be hazardous to people or property. After a permit has been granted it is only lawful for that one display. Application for a permit must be made at least 15 days in advance of the fireworks display. In addition to the permit from the fire chief there are now additional federal requirements from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) to purchase or receive display style fireworks.

The Division of Fire Safety and your local Fire Department want to keep all Vermonters safe. This information is provided as part of the Division’s continued commitment to protect the public and the fire service with coordinated efforts in Code Enforcement, Fire Service Training, Public Education, Hazardous Materials response and Incident Investigation. For additional information call the Vermont Division of Fire Safety at (800) 640-2106, or visit

Source: Department of Public Safety
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