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June 05, 2015

Vermont Adopts National Physical Education; Health Standards

Widely Adopted Standards Mean More Resources for Vermont Teachers

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015 the Vermont State Board of Education moved to adopt the National Health Education Standards (American Cancer Society, 2007) and the National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes for Physical Education (SHAPE America, 2014) to replace respective Vermont grade expectations documents. This important decision mirrors recent resolutions to adopt the Common Core State Standards for mathematics and English language arts, plus the Next Generation Science Standards.

"These standards for health education and physical education will empower Vermont educators to use the current best practices in development of proficiency-based instruction and assessment for learning. Furthermore, this move allows Vermont educators to use national resources," said Lindsay Simpson, physical education coordinator with Vermont Agency of Education.

Kate McCord, physical education teacher at Rutland Intermediate School commented, "Adopting the national standards is another piece of evidence that Vermont physical educators are making significant advances and leading the way toward a proficiency-based education system. The national standards will help students become physically literate as they learn why physical activity is crucial to keep the body and mind healthy, and encourage students to participate in sport and recreation over the course of their lifetime."

"These standards emphasize skills-based learning and are in better alignment with the transferrable skills," said Donna McAllister, health education consultant with the Vermont Agency of Education. She noted in her presentation that the majority of Vermont health and physical educators already use these standards.

Krystal Norton, health educator at BFA St. Albans, said, "As we focus on learning proficiency, these eight standards with age appropriate performance indicators make developing curriculum, defining proficiency, and assessing student achievement that much easier and consistent."

Agency of Education staff, Donna McAllister, or (802) 479-1426, and Lindsay Simpson, or (802) 479-1476, will roll out use of these standards documents as part of ongoing professional development for the field.

Source: Agency of Education
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