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July 01, 2015

July 1st Marks Recycling Reboot

Three years ago the Vermont legislature unanimously passed the Universal Recycling law (Act 148), and its first major recycling milestone starts today. To kick things off the Agency of Natural Resources has prepared a campaign to explain what the law is really about: "resimplifying recycling" for Vermonters.

Using the slogan Recycling Resimplified, the Department of Environmental Conservation housed within the Agency of Natural Resources is launching a focused media effort that calls attention to the six materials that can be recycled across the State -- paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel, glass, and hard plastics (#1 and #2). The radio ads, public service announcements, and other outreach tools also highlight the now statewide availability of recycling options wherever there is an option for trash disposal. Media tools have been designed to be utilized by local solid waste management entities who are key partners in waste reduction and recycling public outreach.

While the benefits of recycling are clear—especially in a State known for its resourcefulness—up until now not all Vermont residents and businesses have had convenient recycling options. Lack of convenience and a sense of confusion over the 'recyclability' of various product packaging have served as barriers to Vermonters who must make daily choices about how to dispose of their "stuff." And those barriers have led to a stagnant 35 recycling rate for the past two decades.

As of July 1st, Vermonters will have new choices, convenience and simple guidance on recycling.

The project kicks-off what the Agency sees as a long-term team effort by residents, businesses, schools, haulers, solid waste districts, to 'reboot' recycling in Vermont and make recycling status quo once and for all. As Agency of Natural Resources Secretary Deborah Markowitz states, "Every time you have an opportunity to throw away trash, you will have the same opportunity to recycle. And that's exciting -- that's part of the 'reboot.'"

At a recent press conference the Agency held at ReSource in Burlington the state was joined by representatives of the Chittenden Solid Waste District, Vermont Army National Guard and Burton Snowboards, who all shared their efforts to reboot recycling.

"Recycling is what we do here in Chittenden County," said Claire Innes, Marketing and Communications Coordinator with Chittenden Solid Waste District. "We kept 80 million pounds of material from the landfill last year, but we know we can do better."

"Two years ago we established a 50 waste reduction goal at our headquarters. We hit that within the first year," says Ali Kenny, Director of Global Sustainability for Burton Snowboards. "The second year, we reduced it by another 25."

At the Vermont Army National Guard, recycling bins are now available in all office spaces, so that citizen soldiers have a choice to recycle, and in many places, compost, when at their drills. "The Guard is a total of almost 4,000 people ... We've been consistently diverting about 50 of our waste for the last three or four years," says Lee Ann Banks, Environmental Compliance Manager for the Guard.

Specific Universal Recycling changes that are coming to Vermont starting July 1, 2015 include:

* Recycling services will be offered by haulers and transfer stations statewide.

* Residential waste collection services will be charged as a bundled fee that includes both trash and recycling services

* Public spaces will have a recycling container available for every trash container.

* Six recyclable materials are banned from the landfill including: paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel, glass, and hard plastics (#1 and #2).

To listen to a radio recording or to view a high-resolution Recycling Resimplified poster, click this link:

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Source: Department of Environmental Conservation
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