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April 25, 2016

Newport Town School Receives Technology Grant from Vermont Lottery

Grant Program Provides iPads to Vermont Schools

The Vermont Lottery and Vermont Agency of Education announces Newport Town School, in Newport Center, Vermont, a K-6 public school, as the Spring 2016 winner of the Educate/Innovate Grant Program. This is the third round of what is now a twice-annual award.

The program, funded by the Vermont Lottery, will provide a cart of iPads to the school in support of their proposal, which was a student-selected project meant to address what they perceive as a problem in their community. The students will be working with a community animal shelter to help streamline and promote pet adoptions. The proposed project will integrate multiple core curriculums as they use video, editing, writing and marketing tools to help the local shelter streamline their process and hopefully accelerate adoptions over time. Students will collect data and monitor their success as they develop the program. The proposal was a favorite of reviewers because it represented a student-identified issue within their community.

The Vermont Lottery will work closely with school leaders in the next month to arrange for delivery of the devices and schedule a press event at the school to celebrate the start of this exciting endeavor.

The Agency of Education and Vermont Lottery will keep abreast of the project progress. There will be another opportunity for schools to be part of this grant program this fall. Future lottery marketing campaigns may feature the school's use of the new technology.

The goals of this grant program are twofold: to build public awareness on how the Vermont Lottery supports education, and to aid schools by providing technology that can support student learning.

For information about the program, call or email Executive Director Greg Smith at the offices of the Vermont Lottery at or (802) 476- 0100.

Media Contacts: Greg Smith, 802-476-0100,; Haley Dover, 802-479-1111,

Source: Agency of Education
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