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June 03, 2016

F&W Law Signing Coincides with New Education Center Dedication at Buck Lake Conservation Camp

Governor Peter Shumlin signed legislation that includes several important changes for Vermont's fish and wildlife resources on May 28, and helped dedicate a new education center for the Green Mountain Conservation Camp at Buck Lake.

The "Fish and Wildlife Omnibus Bill," H.570, will enable the Agency of Natural Resources to designate and protect critical habitat for threatened and endangered species. The bill also provides more appropriate penalties for frequent violators of big game laws, it clarifies and improves laws dealing with commercial fishing and private stocking of public waters, among other changes to fish and wildlife laws.

"H.570 builds on the already strong record Vermont has for conservation of wildlife and fish species," said Governor Shumlin. "This legislation adds stronger teeth to our enforcement of big game laws and increases our ability to restore species of greatest conservation need."

"It's fitting, that we should be celebrating its signing in this new facility that will educate the next generation of Vermonters on the importance of valuing natural resources just as the Green Mountain Conservation Camps have for the previous fifty years," added Governor Shumlin.

Legislators and representatives of fish and wildlife conservation organizations, along with Agency of Natural Resources and Fish and Wildlife staff and camp alumni, were on hand for the ceremony.

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Source: Department of Fish and Wildlife
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