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November 15, 2016

Secretary of State Jim Condos Announces Official General Election Results

"Voting is at the very basis of our democracy and every vote counts," stated Secretary of State Jim Condos.

Secretary Condos chaired the statewide canvassing committee for the General Election at 128 State Street, Montpelier this morning at 10 a.m. This Canvass is to certify the votes for the November 8 General Election as reported to the Secretary of State. The statewide canvassing committee is set by state law and is composed of the Secretary of State and the chair of the state committee of each major political party or his/her designee. Although the Canvass only requires statewide results, the committee is provided town by town vote counts as well as county and statewide total vote counts.

In attendance this morning were Jim Condos, Secretary of State; Conor Casey, designee for Dottie Deans, Democratic Party Chair; Josh Wronski, designee for Emma Mulvaney Stanak, Progressive Party Chair; and Jeff Bartley, designee for David Sunderland, Republican Party Chair.

The total votes counted in the General Election for November 8th was 320,467 out of 471,619 Registered Voters for a 68 percent voter turnout. New records were set for registered voters and early/absentee voters and fell just short of a record for actual votes cast. Vermont's official list of winners are:

US President, Hillary Clinton, 178,573

US Senator, Patrick Leahy, 192,243

US House, Peter Welch, 264,414

VT Governor, Phil Scott, 166,817

Lt Governor, David Zuckerman, 159,738

State Treasurer, Beth Pearce, 234,566

Secretary of State, Jim Condos, 255,201

Auditor of Accounts, Doug Hoffer, 159,695

Attorney General, T J Donovan, 200,020

For all of the statewide offices, the canvassing committee members prepared a certificate of election to be used by the official canvassing committee appointed by the general assembly, pursuant to Chapter II, 47 of the Vermont constitution.

Vermonters are able to view all races at the following Election Results website:

And, for election results dating back to 1974 visit our Elections Archives website:

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Source: Secretary of State
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