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August 02, 2017

Peregrine Falcon Nesting Cliffs Reopened for Hikers

Vermont Fish & Wildlife has reopened the cliffs closed to hiking and access earlier this spring to protect nesting peregrine falcons.

"The young peregrines have fledged, and nesting data suggest Vermont falcons had a good year," said Vermont Fish & Wildlife's migratory bird biologist John Buck. "A final report will be issued later this year. Peregrine nesting success is partly due to cooperation from hikers and rock climbers who observe a respectful distance from nesting falcons during this critical period. This success would not be possible without the more than 40 volunteers who monitor nest sites statewide from March to the end of July."

According to Audubon biologist Margaret Fowle, who coordinates the monitoring effort on behalf of the Fish & Wildlife Department, biologists and volunteers monitored more than 50 peregrine pairs that occupied Vermont cliffs in early spring and summer, and more than 60 fledglings were produced.

"We greatly appreciate the time and effort volunteers put into monitoring the population this year, and we thank landowners and recreationists for their cooperation in protecting nesting peregrines from human disturbance," said Fowle.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife and Audubon Vermont partner to monitor and protect peregrine nesting sites in Vermont. Peregrine falcons were removed from the state's Threatened and Endangered Species List in 2005. Ongoing cooperation from recreationists and continued monitoring efforts by Vermont Fish & Wildlife and Audubon Vermont will help ensure the peregrine's remarkable recovery in future years.

Media Contacts: John Buck, VT Fish & Wildlife Department, 802-476-0196; Margaret Fowle, Audubon Vermont, 802-238-0046

Source: Department of Fish and Wildlife
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