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About is a service provided to the State of Vermont by Vermont Information Consortium External Link. is the official government Web portal for the State of Vermont, and Vermont Information Consortium is a team dedicated to developing online services to enable citizens or businesses to complete tasks via the Internet. offers state and local entities the expertise to automate routine, time-consuming tasks into interactive web-enabled applications for both citizens and businesses, as well as streamlining government processes.

The team is employed by the Vermont division of NIC USA External Link, a publicly held company and the largest developer of eGovernment solutions in the nation. The State of Vermont entered into a long-term public-private partnership with NIC to carry out the mission of managing the portal and growing the number of available Web-based services.

The portal is a service hosted and maintained by Vermont Information Consortium. The content and design of the portal is maintained by Vermont Information Consortium in conjunction with the State of Vermont's Chief Marketing Officer External Link and the Department of Information and Innovation External Link. If you have questions regarding the portal itself, please use Contact Us Form. If you are a State Webmaster, you may also refer to the State Webmasters' Resources Area.

What is eGovernment?

eGovernment is the delivery of government services and information using an electronic means. The goals of eGovernment are to increase government efficiency, improve constituent access to government information and services and make conducting business with the government easier.

Who is Vermont Information Consortium

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Vermont Information Consortium is the state of Vermont's partner for online services. We assist Vermont government entities by providing online services on their behalf.

Vermont Information Consortium is a subsidiary of NIC USA, Inc. (Nasdaq:EGOV). NIC is an industry leader in developing and supporting online services for state and local governments.

How can Vermont Information Consortium help my agency?

Vermont Information Consortium can develop web-enabled applications to streamline processes for both staff and citizens by utilizing state-of-the-art IT resources that incorporate the latest encryption technology to ensure privacy and security.

Vermont Information Consortium also maintains and manages the Portal and its associated services and applications, including the Content Management System. If you would like to get more information about the portal or the content management system, please consult the State Webmasters' Resources Area.

I have a charge on my credit card from Vermont Government Services. What is it for?

As the state of Vermont.s partner for online government services, we process payments for those services on behalf of a Vermont State Agency (for example, online vehicle registration renewals). If you have recently completed a transaction with a state agency, please refer to the receipt that you printed when you processed the transaction. If you still have any questions, please contact us by telephone at (802) 229-4171 or by email at eMail.

How is Vermont Information Consortium funded? is self-funded and is not paid for by taxpayer dollars. Revenue to support comes from enhanced access fees associated with some of the eGovernment services we create, host and maintain. These fees are used to grow the portal staff, increasing both the number of fee and free e-government services available online.

Our self-funded model means that Vermont state agencies and municipalities can take advantage of resources at no cost.

How is oversight handled?

The Vermont self-funded portal was created by the Legislature in 2006, which enacted An Act Relating to the Vermont Web Portal External Link, which also created the Vermont Web Portal Board. This oversight includes setting overall priorities, approving projects, authorizing enhanced access fees and ensuring that the portal utilizes funds in the best interests of long-term growth.

Where is Vermont Information Consortium located?

Vermont Information Consortium maintains its office at:
147 State Street
2nd Floor
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

What online services are available?

A complete list can be found on the online services page.

As a State Webmaster, how do I give feedback regarding provides an access controlled State Webmasters' Resources Area that contains forms, links, and documentation allowing State Webmasters to learn about portal systems and applications and to submit specific requests to the team.

If you do not have access to the Webmaster's Resources Area, please contact portal staff by phone at (802) 229-4171 or email portal staff at eMail to request a username and password.