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Using Search Functions and Accelerators on

The Statewide Search is available in multiple means to make it easy for you to search Vermont State Government no matter where you are on the Vermont Government sites or the Internet in general. The search functionality is available in the following ways:

  • The search box on any Portal page
  • The search pages of participating Vermont Government websites as "Vermont Statewide Search"
  • By installing the Search as a resource in your browser's Search Provider bar
  • By installing the Search as an Internet Explorer 8 accelerator

For information on how to search and tips on how to refine your results, please refer to the Search Tips help page.

Search Provider Bar

Many browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox allow you to add search functionality to the "Search Provider Bar" located at the top-right hand corner of your browser. When you are on the homepage, the down arrow button in this toolbar will be highlighted, indicating that the Search is available to add. Clicking on this arrow button and indicating that you want to add the " Statewide Search", will install the search into your Search Provider Bar.

Once the search is added to your Search Provider Bar, you will be able to search Vermont Goverment using the bar in your browser by clicking the down arrow and selecting the " Statewide Search". Entering text in the field when the Statewide Seach is selected will function identically to entering text into the search box on This functionality will be available to you whether you are on the Portal or not.


Accelerators are a form of "selection-based" search which allow a user to run the Vermont State Government Search from any other page or web site using only the mouse from Internet Explorer. You may install the Search as an accelerator by clicking the link below.

Accelerator Icon Subscribe to the Search as an Accelerator.

Once you have the Search accelerator installed, you may use the search at any point from any site by highlighting the text you want to search for with your mouse and then clicking on the blue accelerator icon that appears. For instance, if you are browsing an external news site and you see the name of a Vermont Government program, you can highlight the program's name on the external news site and use the accelerator to search Vermont Government for more information.

Below is an example of the accelerator icon:

accelerator highlighting

After clicking the accerlator icon, you will see something similar to:

accelerator menu

Accelerators are particularly useful when combined with the Search integration with the Vermont State Employee Directory. With the Search accelerator, you can highlight the name of the employee on any site and use the accelerator to search for that employee's email address, telephone number, title, and more.

Currently, accelerators are only available to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. It is possible to enable a similar feature in Firefox by using the Select-n-Go External Link plug-in and adding the Search to it manually after installing the Search to your Search Provider Bar.

More Information about Accelerators

For more information about accelerators, please visit: Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 page on accelerators. External Link

Microsoft offers a "how to" video regarding the usage of Accelerators External Link in Internet Explorer 8 as well.