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Using iCal (iCalendar) Feeds on

ICS, or iCal (iCalendar) is an open-standard for sharing calendar and event-based information over the internet. Users can subscribe to an ICS feed in much the same way you subscribe to an RSS or XML feed.

Anytime you see an iCal button like this: iCal clicking on it will load the feed. To add to your Google Calendar, or other calendar aggregator, copy and paste the link from this button into that application to have the latest news downloaded automatically.

ICS (iCalendar) at

iCal feeds on are marked by the iCal button. Clicking on either the title link, or this button will link you directly to the iCal feed.

There is also a listing of many iCalendar feeds offered by Vermont Government on the Subscribe & Share Page on

Recommended ICS (iCalendar) Software:

More Information about iCal:

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