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Using vCards and Microformats on

A vCard is an electronic business card. The vCards on are tied to the Vermont State Employee Directory when results are returned on the Search. These vCards may be added to your address book software by clicking on the vCard link or icon next to the State Employee Directory entry. A vCard generated from the State Employee Directory may contain the name, department, title, telephone, fax number, and email address of the state employee.

Address Book Software that supports vCards

The following commonly used address book software supports the importing of vCards:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple OS X Address Book
  • Many cell phones, including Windows Mobile, Palm, and iPhone devices


Microformats allow you to import and reuse information from the Vermont State Employee Directory without needing to use vCards or save files to your computer.

Microformats are currently supported using plug-ins by the Firefox and Safari Browsers. To use Microformats with Firefox, you must install the Operator plug-in. For Safari, you must install the Safari Microformats plug-in.

An example of what you may see when using Firefox with the Operator plug-in to view a page on with embedded microformats is below:

microformats example

Once you have the appropriate plug-in installed for your browser, when information using microformats is present in the website you visit, the Microformats logo will be shown in the address bar.

Click on the logo, and a sheet opens, showing you all the Microformats. You can add them individually, or all at once. At the bottom of the sheet, you can choose which Address Book group you wish to import the Microformats data into. You can add one piece at a time by clicking the plus sign next to the data, or you can add all microformatted data by clicking "Add all".