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I am 5th generation Vermonter:My wife is third generation Vermonter. I was educated in Montpelier at St Michaels and the University of Vermont. I took two degrees there a B.A. and a M.S. I went to take a Ph.D. and ended up a Professor Of Molecular Medicine at The Ohio State Universty College of Medicine from 1968-2005. My professional interest were in Human Cancer and how chemicals altered humn gene expression. We retured to Vermont in 1991 and built a home out in Grand Isle. Each summer we return to Vermont, to enjoy the Majestic scenery and view of the Lake from Shore Acres restaurant on the Lake. There is no other State that I am aware of with a Mountain range on our West Adirondacks and The Green Mountains to the east and the lake less than 300 feet away. NONE!

August 19, 2008