Share a Vermont Moment

Shared Moment

Work brought my wife and I to Vermont when we moved here last year, but this state makes one feel as if they've been here forever. Vermont is a place that simply gives a person a feeling of welcome. We moved in mid-winter, and could not find a thing during unpacking. Of course, our first day here brought a significant snowstorm, and we managed to locate a shovel and boots, but it was a big task given the snow. Before we even had a chance to make formal introductions, our neighbors were at our driveway, snowblower at the ready to help plow us out. This, to me, embodies what Vermonters are all about lending a helping hand without asking for something in return.

We also feel that we now have a special tie to Vermont, since our son was born here. My wife and I both want our son to be able to enjoy Vermont's beauty, whether that's a walk through Montpelier's downtown or an autumn hike through the most beautiful foliage one could ever imagine. With all Vermont has to offer, we look forward to many Vermont moments to come.

September 13, 2007