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My Aunt and Uncle ,Mary Kenneth Sullivan ,had a dairy farm in Panton Vt. Every summer during the 60's and 70's , my parents would bring myself and my siblings to that farm to spend the summer working it.They would drop us off on Memorial Day and pick us up on Labor Day, so we spent 3 months with our cousins working and playing. I learned first hand what responsability, team work, sharing,and hard work was, as well as the rewards that come with it. We enjoyed hot summer days, great thunder and lightning storms, riding horses,Lake Champlain Arnolds Bay. I learned how to drive tractors, trucks, and motorcycles while on that farm, gosh to be honest, I learned everything I know because of those summers I spent in Vt. I am turning 50 in "09" and I still make it to Vt. at least 4 times a year. I duck hunt, deer hunt, go boating, fishing ice fishing all in Vt. I TRULY LOVE VERMONT!!!! I will retire to the area of Panton Vergennes in 12 years. I CANT WAIT !!!!

August 19, 2008