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Shared Moment

Last summer after my dad had passed away,I took a bus trip to Vermont to spend a memorial weekend with my sister,brother,and brother-in-law. We went up to Bristol,where our dad always loved picnicking at the Lords Prayer Rock. We felt like kids again as we tried to scramble up the steepness of the stone,to have my brother in law snap a photo of the "siblings". My half-century old bones reminded me I wasent a kid anymore. Then after that-we made a trip up to Monkton along the Hardscrabble road. It was a fitting name for the scrabbly life we had in the boonies of Monkton-I remember trying to gather wood by a roadside one winter to keep the drafty old house warm. But we had happy memories there too. The house looked so much smaller than we remembered it. Then another favorite landmark our father loved so much-was this big wooden cross that hangs off the side of a mountain in Monkton. We breathlessly searched for that big,magnificent cross-and lo and behold, near the end of swamp road in Monkton,it beamed brightly like a beacon on that cloudless day. My sister remarked"Liz-I feel like Dad is here with us,and he has a big smile on his face!"I did too-could feel his spirit up there on that mountain. Then after leaving Monkton,we made a last stop at an old army-navy store in Bristol where our father had a motorcycle shop back in 1972.Where do the years go? But our childhoods seemed well-preserved in these magnificent historical landmarks in Vermont. Our hearts swell with the beauty of it all that makes time stand still. Our dad smiled down on us all that weekend as we reawakened his memory in a spiritual way,seeing these lovely places that meant so much to him.Our last stop was in Lincoln. Another breathtakingly beautiful camp spot dedicated to the war veterans. With a bronze placard at the summit that borders the cascading falls-the sparkling waters soothed our sorrows-like playing an epiphany of natures melodies to our dearly departed father-Marvin Coleman.

August 19, 2008