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Help Support Vermonters Affected by Flooding

Volunteer to Help Support Vermonters

Thank you for answering Governor Scott’s call for volunteers and being willing to help other Vermonters in this time of need. The volunteer needs in the wake of the storm are evolving, so we are calling on Vermonters to sign up, let us know what skills they can offer, and be ready to serve if needed.

The link below will take you to our volunteer portal where you can register for the “State of Vermont Volunteer” organization. Registering through this link gives us all the information we may need to put you and your skills to use for Vermont. If we need you and your skills, we will be in touch.

We will also be working with government and nonprofit partners across Vermont to meet unmet needs and by submitting your information through the State volunteer portal you agree to have your contact information shared with organizations that may be able to use you in their response to the floods. Our hope is to develop a large pool of people willing to help meet volunteer needs.

We appreciate your interest in helping others during this moment in history. Together we will get through this and emerge stronger.

Register to Become a Volunteer

Directions on Registering as a General Volunteer

To register as a general volunteer, visit the Volunteer Responder Management System and follow these steps to register without being affiliated with a specific partner.

Step 1

Registration Step 1: A screenshot of the registration form with the 'Add Organization' link highlighted.

On the first page of the registration process, click the "Add Organization" link.

Step 2

Registration Step 2: A screenshot of the registration form modal with the checkbox for the 'SerVermont General Volunteers' organization highlighted.

Select the checkbox for the "SerVermont General Volunteers" organization, then click the "Submit" button.

Step 3

Registration Step 3: A screenshot of the registration form with the 'Organization(s)' field highlighted, indicating the addition of the 'SerVermont General Volunteers' organization to that field.

The selected organization will appear in the "Organization(s)" field. Complete the registration form to create your personalized profile using your own username and password. Any error will appear at the beginning of the form after clicking "Next"; you must correct any errors to continue.